DN 67


Nobody knows denim better than Gregory Marc Sebaoun, born in Paris France, Gregory is the son of Jean Sebaoun, founder of Donovan Jeans, Gregory has been in denim since be was born, he made Donovan world famous when he join the company in 1987,and now he is launching his own line DN67...this is the ultimate in denim.

Denim has ability to age beautifully an dis transformed by its user into a second skin, the longer it lives, the more personality and confidence it gets, Indigo is a living color thut fades and gives denim tis character. Jeans il all about passion and deep relation ship. The more you wear them, the more beautiful they get.

Jeans have always been more than a piece of clothing for Gregory. He loves them and has a passion he wants to share with everyone who has ever moured a pair of jeans as a close friend DN67 wants to take it further with more attitude and flair, but inspiration came from the same dream to create a brand that will forever live in people’s lives and get under their skin.

The DN67 collection is well thought out and tight it’s a reflection of every day life. Its style is a philosophiy,a philosophy to become part of you and your dreams. Gregory will make you travel through his jeans as his inspiration comes from his voyages and his know-how. Experience and maturity make this line unique. Each piece is customized: no two pairs are alike because special attention to detail has been put in each wash to the bleaching, embroidering, painting and Gregory has taken cach wash to the ultimate of technology; this strategie deconstruction process makes each piece look like a vintage favourite. This is why each piece is different and has a unique character. Passion an deep relationship: Gregory and his American high school sweetheart, now his wife of fifteen years, have lived between the united states and Europe and travelled all over. The world, now together they have combined their love of design and denim. To produce a trend-setting line made to exceed the expectation of denim. Enjoy and long live denim… You will find DN67 jeans in select specialty boutiques Thoughout North America, France, Belgium? Luxembourg, Holland, Germany starting july 2006.

DN 67